With the dawn of the new year, 2018, we are overjoyed to launch our Free-thinkers blog. In this space, we aim to cover a wide array of themes that constantly impact and alter the present and future of the millennials. This wide array will span the latest trends in science and technology, cultures and civilizations, and geopolitics. The exponential growth of science over the last few decades has ushered in socio-economic development at an electrifying pace, restructuring the face of humanity in a way previous generations would never have imagined. The bewildering speed these advances have progressed at has led to a state of confusion: a state that thinkers refer to as postnormal. The confusion stems from the questions on ethics, the pervasive uncertainty, and the sustainability of growth.
An unbiased, critical assessment of the situation is, therefore, necessary. At Free-thinkers, we hope to critically analyze and assess these developments around us, and to present an unbiased narrative. We hope our assessment will help inform the blog’s readership of the current global trends and shall energize and encourage it to take part in these discussions at a localized level. In other words, the blogspace is aimed at equipping the millennials at making crucial choices and broader impact.

- Editors


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